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A practical guide to fostering

Thinking about fostering? A practical guide

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Aimed at people interested in becoming foster carers, this book gives them the knowledge they need to decide whether it’s something they can do. Meaning that they come to you better informed, better prepared and ready to get going.

The book covers:

  • Choosing the right fostering service or agency to work for
  • Who can foster
  • The process to becoming a foster carer
  • Types of fostering
  • The practicalities of being a foster carer
  • What to expect from the organisation you work for
  • What to expect when a child is placed with you
  • What children need from foster carers

By presenting the facts in a straightforward and objective way as well as showing how current foster carers have dealt with some of the challenges they’ve faced, this practical guide to fostering aims to help and encourage people to take the next step with their eyes open and all the right information at their fingertips.

Several agencies have already expressed an interest in using the book as a training tool during the assessment process. Northumberland Family Placement Service, for instance, is using the book throughout their recruitment process from information evenings, home visits and the skills to foster training course.

Discounts are available for agencies wanting to buy in bulk. Contact me for more details.

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