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North Yorkshire

north yorks smlDevelopment of ‘Magic Moments’ campaign and full suite of fostering marketing materials
The problem

The council’s current materials were felt to have had passed their sell-by date. Plus increased competition from independent fostering agencies meant that the authority needed to promote the benefits of working with the council.

A fresh approach was needed to highlight the importance of fostering and grab the attention of the local public.

The solution

Working with a designer, I created an attractive series of materials, based on the concept – ‘Life’s full of magic moments.’ Those moments when a foster child does or says something that make you, as a foster carer, realise how far they’ve come, how your care has impacted on their demeanour or behaviour. It could be something really simple but incredibly powerful like ‘the moment she smiled.’ The concept portrays the fact that foster care is a positive intervention in a child’s life while conveying the impact foster care can have on a child – in a very simple but fundamental way.

The materials portray a number of such moments, generated by foster carers themselves.

  • an information brochure
  • posters
  • leaflets
  • banner stands
  • web content.