Helping you recruit foster carers and adoptive parents

Surprisingly revealing research

Are you in the know?

Why do your carers work for you? What do people in your local community know about fostering/adoption or think of you? What do you do well? What could you improve?

In my experience the best campaigns start with research. Talking to carers, staff and members of the local public will provide a rich and hugely valuable insight into:

  • people’s understanding and experience of fostering and adoption
  • their perceptions of you as an organisation
  • ways to reach your target audience
  • any inefficiencies in your systems and procedures and much more.

This insight can then be used to inform all aspects of your activity. It will refine your marketing messages and make your advertising campaigns more targeted and effective. It will reveal new approaches previously unthought of and help you to unpick tangles in your processes.

I’ve conducted numerous research exercises with carers, staff and the public and know that you’ll be surprised by what it reveals.

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